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Mushroom TelePorter does HD streaming over cellular, wont beam your on-air talent anywhere — Engadget

Apr 11

So this box plays in the Teradek Cube playgound, streaming HD video to the interwebs. No mention of price, but folks heading to NAB can see it in person.

We’d sum it up with “old world approach to a new world problem.” We find interesting for traditional broadcasters, but not as interesting as it could potentially be.

Mushroom TelePorter does HD streaming over cellular, wont beam your on-air talent anywhere — Engadget.

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The new corporate video standard is interesting, not cheesy.

Apr 7

Videos Posted by Facebook Engineering: Introducing the Open Compute Project [HD].

I think this sort of video bodes well for the future of corporate video. In the past, corporate video came out of that awful 80s-era video producer mindset that cheesy is better. Now, realism and high production values make the message center stage, instead of the fact that it’s a video production.

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iPhone + Pro Mic + HiFi audio transmission solution

Mar 31

Mic Adapter – Tieline Technology.

To be clear, this is probably going to be expensive (no price announced) but the idea of handling audio-over-cell-network is extremely appealing. Obviously, this will appeal more to radio, but the in-a-pinch hi-fi phoner solution broadcasters will appreciate this as well.

We’re as interested in this as it seems like the spiritual audio sibling to the Cube. That company has recently released additional licenses so you can stream to more places than just a Cube decoder.

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JVC’s GS-TD1 3D camcorder now available for $1,700 — Engadget

Mar 7

That’s enough, JVC.

We’re 3d haters. What about you? Would you pay $1,700 to go 3d? If you ask us, we’d opt for a T2i with killer lenses than this embarrassment.

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Sony’s $2000 NEX-VG10: We’re not impressed.

Feb 8

When taking a look at this video specifically, it seems like the $750 DSLR realm of the Canon T2i has a better dynamic range than Sony’s camcorder.

Granted, it’s no AF100, but we’re still unimpressed.

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Hulu’s take on the future of video

Feb 3

We haven’t read the whole thing, but we’re digging Hulu CEO Jason Kilar’s take on the future of video. Check it out on the Hulu Blog.

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Are Plugins the Future of Web Video? Short answer: Yes.

Feb 2

Vid++ BFF Ryan Lawler breaks down how the future looks when it comes to web distribution. His hypothesis? Plugins are the future. Microsoft has already laid out plans for Windows users of Chrome to utilize H.264 via an in-browser plugin, and Google is signaling similarly for WebM.

Add in a Flash fallback, and it looks like the future of web distribution is overcovered in a variety of formats.

Are Plugins the Future of Web Video?: NewTeeVee «.

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The object of our affection: Panasonic’s AF100

Feb 1

AF100 test shots from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

To say we’re obsessed with this under $5,000 (no lens) camera is an understatement. The device looks a bit weird, but with the ability to offer beautiful DSLR-ey images, but also with audio controls which videographers have come to expect, we’ll get over its boxy chasse.

More from Philip Bloom.

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Art vs products: What motivates your creativity?

Jan 31

I wrote a lengthy essay about what motivates people, and how those motivations affect the products which they create. At one end is Art, a work which is created exclusively for the enjoyment of the artist and has no external benefits. At the other end is Product, a work which is created solely to satisfy some external validator, which often is money.

It’s a food for thought idea, and obviously relates to the creation of video. Check out the full post over on my other blog.

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Getting started with Handheld rigs

Jan 26

Since we’re relative noobs around the DSLR parts, we’re digging this post from El Skid about their top 10 tips for handheld rigs. The top things worth considering? Try before you buy, they’re all a bit different. Also, an image stabilizing lens might be enough to keep your shakycam to a minimum, without adding all that bulk.


[Via @ryanbkoo]

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