Capture HDMI, Component and Composite video on a laptop (MacBook Pro)

Jan 11
Posted by Randall Bennett

Update: FB friend Neil Cohen points me toward Ebay where there’s one called the PE4L + EC2C. $52.90 + $15 shipping. Even better!

Wow, folks… this is like a unicorn or something equally rare. I’ve finally discovered a way to capture HDMI video to any laptop, without spending over $1000. The total cost is about half that, and it’s a bit of a precarious installation process.

LeCroy makes this beauty, which is pictured right. It’s an express card adapter which enables a 1-lane PCI Express slot. Fittingly, the BlackMagic Intensity Pro is a 1-lane PCI Express card. Put the two together, and voila.

The card costs $275, and is really freaking difficult to find. I could only find mention of the card on a PDF from the company, but I think you can call them and they’ll ship you one for $275. The BlackMagic Intensity Pro is $200, making the total price $475.

If you end up picking one up, please let me know how it works out. I’m super curious to try it out for myself.

If you don’t have a MacBook Pro with ExpressCard, there’s some hope for you too. I’ve seen other people do similar hacks using less expensive means by removing the WiFi adapter. The unit that does the dirty work, called the pemini2x1-F, costs about $100.

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